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1.     2010. Pocket Expert Guide to Lizards: 300+ Essential Species for Ecotourists, Terrarium Keepers, and Armchair Naturalists. TFH Publications, Neptune, NJ.

2.     2009. Giant Lizards: The Definitive Guide to the Natural History, Care, and Breeding of Monitors, Iguanas, and Other Large Lizards. TFH Publications, NJ.

3.     2001. Guide to the Care and Maintenance of Savannah and Grasslands Monitors. AVS/Bowtie Press, Mission Viejo, CA.

4.     1998. Key to the Sharks and Rays of the World. The CURATOR Project. Young Forest Company, Belmont, CA.

5.     1998. Instructor: Teaching the Martial Arts. Young Forest Company.

6.     1995. Animals and Fishes in Aquaterrariums. TFH Publications, Neptune, NJ.

7.     1992. Giant Lizards. TFH Publications, Neptune, NJ. Translated into German as Gross Echsen, Bede Verlag, in September 1994.

8.     1977. All About Lizards. TFH Publications, Neptune, NJ.

Articles: Natural History

Papers describing new species are in green. Papers available in this site's "Documents" collection are underlined.

2010. True blue: blue-spotted monitors. Reptiles 18(7): 32-41.

2010. Savannah savvy. Reptiles 18(2): 32-41.

 2007. Peach-throat monitors. Reptiles 15(2): 40-47.

2007. ---And Teri Sprackland. Dutch Navy’s surrender to French Cavalry.  
Quarterly Journal of Military History 19(2): 74-83

2006. A Scientist Tells Why “Intelligent Design” Is NOT Science. The Education Digest, Jan.: 29.

2006. Darwin’s theory is a fact. Seattle Post-Intelligencer Thurs. January 19: B7.

2005. Toxic treasure. Natural History magazine, October: 40-45.

2005. Evolution in the classroom. American School Board Journal. November: 26-30.

2004.  ---And Teri Sprackland, and Daniel Diessner. Reptiles and mammals of Fitzroy Island, Queensland. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 49(2): 733-739.

 2004. Mark O’Shea, R. Sprackland, and Ilaiah Bigilale. First record for the genus Antaresia (Squamata: Pythonidae) from Papua New Guinea. Herpetological Review 35(3): 225-227.

2003. Sampling Yathong’s reptiles. Reptiles 11(8): 42-51.

2003. Plants and animals of Fitzroy Island National Park. Queensland Department of Parks and Wildlife informational brochure series.

2001. The reptiles of Fitzroy Island. Reptilia 15: 56-60.

2001. Lizards in paradise: Herpetofauna of Fitzroy Island, Australia. Reptiles 9(9): 8-16.

2001. Dwarf monitors. Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist 6(10): 8-16.

2001. Antibiotics and oily parasites. “Reptile Road,” Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist 6(9): 66-67.

2000. My first venomous snakebite. “Reptile Road,” Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist 5(8):78-79.

2000. Eden revisited: Eve was not naïve and the snake was never there. “Reptile Road,” Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist 5(7): 74-76.

 2000. The future of herpetology. “Reptile Road,” Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist 5(6): 48-49.

  2000. The Reptiles of Fitzroy Island. VMNH Expedition Report, No. 1 (at January.

2001. Bring ‘em back alive-on film! “Reptile Road,” Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist 6(8): 82-83.

2001. You are what you eat…  choose very carefully. “Reptile Road,” Reptile &
Amphibian Hobbyist
6(7): 82-83.

2001. Two sides of a coin. “Reptile Road,” Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist 6(6): 82-83.

2001. Great egg-spectations. “Reptile Road,” Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist 6(5): 82-83.

2001. To the parents of a young herpetologist. Bulletin of the Chicago Herpetological Society 36(2): 29-30.

2000. Beyond the price lists. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. “Reptile Road,” Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist 6(4): 82-83.

2000. Herpetologists, wallabies, and a walkabout chainsaw. “Reptile Road,” Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist 6(3): 82-83.

2000. Vacation time: Are we there yet? Are we getting back? “Reptile Road,” Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist 6(1): 82-83.

2000. Snakes with legs jog (theorists’ minds, that is). “Reptile Road,” Reptile &
Amphibian Hobbyist
5(11): 82-83.

2000. Australia Zoo Tour. Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist 5(11): 38-45.

2000. High-tech, low touch, and the rise of reptiles. “Reptile Road,” Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist 5(10): 82-83.

2000. Magnificent millennial monitor maintenance: a beginner’s guide to five easy species. Reptiles USA: 54-63.

2000. The great wasteland: Herpetology on TV and in the movies. “Reptile Road,” Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist 5(9): 82-83.

2000. Pronunciation of scientific names. Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist 5(8): 44-47.

2000. “Pssst.. hey, mate, wanna iguana?” Smuggling reptiles into Australia. “Reptile Road,” Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist 5(5): 22-23.

1999. Are sympatric monitors speaking with forked tongues? Sympatry and tongue colour in sibling species of monitor lizards. Herpetofauna (Australia) 29(2): 65-70.

1999. Character displacement among sympatric species of Varanus: natural selection in action. Mertensiella 11: 113-120.

1999. Predators of the night: catsnakes and mangrove snakes. Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist 5(4): 33-40.

1999. The basics of biological evolution. VMNH Web of Life Articles (at

1999. Bridges and gaps: a status report on herpetology and herpetoculture. The Vivarium 10(5): 37-39.

1999. Sarawak’s earless monitor lizard (Lanthanotus borneensis). Reptiles March: 72-79.

1999. Species, species everywhere: where do new species come from? The Vivarium 10(3): 7-38.

1999. The emerald monitor. Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist 4(11): 8-16.

1999. Chameleons and cats and goats, oh my! "Reptile Road," Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist May: 20-21.

1999. A road less traveled. "Reptile Road," Reptile Hobbyist April: 10-11.

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 1998. Thireau, Michel, ---, and Teri Sprackland. A report on Seba's specimens in the herpetological collection of the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, and their status as Linnean types. The Linnean 13(4): 38-45.

1998. Iguanids, iguanines, and drawing lines. The Vivarium 10(1): 24-26.

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1997. ---And H.M. Smith, and P.D. Strimple. Hydrosaurus gouldii Gray, 1838
(currently Varanus gouldii) and Varanus panoptes Storr, 1980 (Reptilia: Squamata): proposed conservation of the specific names by the designation of a neotype for H. gouldii. Case 3042. Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 54(2):95-99.

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1995. Halloween herptiles (about warning coloration). The Vivarium 6(2): 26-29.

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Technology Careers

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Chapters in Books

2008. Why we must promote proper science in science classes. In: Wm. Chafe,
H. Sitkoff, and B. Bailey: A History of Our Time, pp. 482-484. Oxford University Press

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